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is this ok for a submition into the art area

2010-02-08 04:44:49 by Thoraxglycerin

no, seriously, is this ok, so far?
Made it with, because i don't have any money for photoshop and i did it with a mouse.
i'm not finished, though.

is this ok for a submition into the art area

That's it

2009-12-27 18:10:53 by Thoraxglycerin

I'm using my mobile-phone as a recorder from now on, why?
Everytime, when a melody comes up to my mind and i wanna make it reality.... i forget them.
I have many, many tunes, which are only finished to 70-80%. (Some of them are here to hear)
I hope this will help me to make music, finally with quality.

P.S. i'm starting to learn drawing and it's techniques, with nineteen O_o

I'm back. And i learn to play the guitar :P

2009-11-06 19:30:39 by Thoraxglycerin

Hello, wasn't there for quite a time ^^
And i learn to draw
And Actionscript
And i'll buy a graphictablet, after being good enough at drawing.
Ah yes, i uploaded something new, but i'm still thinking, if i should continue it or not :-\

hi again

2009-08-31 05:56:04 by Thoraxglycerin

I have to learn everything about FL-Studio again, yep you heard.
I've forgot everything, really everything @_@
Must start to take a deeper look into the programme, again :(

enjoy the primitive fight

2009-05-23 17:01:03 by Thoraxglycerin

^ and also, i think this would fit into some movie :P
here the link /240677

another track submited :D

2009-05-22 08:18:35 by Thoraxglycerin

Yeah another track, slowly i get this feeling for this, but unfortunaly i've submited to the wrong section O_O
do you know, how to change that? :D

p.s. please let me know where i can improve, besides that, i'm trying really hard.
i stiil have to look for the hidden functions, i can't find, or the tracks would be more awesome :(

^ enjoy :D

As the title said.
And i'm working on my demo track the space. > :3

Hi everybody!

2009-03-18 14:11:45 by Thoraxglycerin

Hello my name is Serdar Özdemir alias Thoraxglycerin.
Why did i join the grounds?
I love the games which are in this site, also the music. Especially the music, this site was the reason, why i even started to think about making music.
Like you can hear, i'm a bloody rookie or beginner.
Hope you like what i do, as i want to impress, i'll need your comments.
So.... Ta-Ta!

And yes i'm crazy :p